Storage West is all about community. We’d like to take a minute to share a story that shows just how much our community can encompass.

A while back a community member of ours here in Irvine, Shahram Yousefi, told us about a chance encounter he had. We’ll do our best to retell that story here:

Shahram had flown to Tehran, Iran to visit his mother. Very early in the morning he arrived at Tehran International Airport. After passing customs, he got on the shuttle to go to his neighborhood which was about 80 kilometers away. On the shuttle ride there was another passenger seated next to him and, after a while, they started talking.

Shahram asked the man where he was from and he replied, “America”. Shahram said, “Oh, I am from the US too!” And then he asked, “What part of the US are you from?” He said, “California.” Shahram replied, “I am from California too!” “What part of California”, Shahram asked. “Orange County”, he said. “I am from Orange County too”, Shahram said with a smile! Then he told Shahram he lived in Irvine and the man said, “So do I!” The man then said he lived by Jamboree and Kelvin and Shahram said, “Oh, I know where that is, I have a storage unit there at Storage West!”

This whole conversation took place at 2:00 in the morning riding in a shuttle in the middle of Tehran! The stranger said he lived across the street from there and was also a Storage West customer! Then he mentioned, “There is a nice man there and he helped me with a truck to move my furniture and stuff.” Shahram asked if he was talking about Carlos and the man confirmed he was. They talked about Carlos’ wife Ava as well and how very friendly and helpful they are.Carlos and Ava Irvine

The man said that sometimes he stopped by their office to say, “Hi” and to talk about the bowl of candies they keep on their desk for customers. He joked that they should buy better candies since he had to dig deep into the bowl looking for his favorites.

The strangers never did introduce themselves, so we never did learn Shahram’s new friend’s name. What a very funny conversation though! There they were, two strangers, halfway around the world at 2:00 o’clock in the morning, riding together in a broken down old shuttle bus through the streets of Tehran, Iran talking about Carlos and Ava and Storage West!

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