Payin’ Santa Back!

November 20, 2018
Santa appearing in a public fashion, sitting on a mall bench doodling with his cell phone, pumping gas at the local crowded service station down the street or in this case, shopping at the boat supply store for Christmas parade supplies, always seems to create a new holiday adventure. Last year’s Santa encounter proves that even a quick stop at the store can turn into a fun story of Christmas goodwill. It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Newport Beach, California. I was driving home from a wonderful Christmas gathering. My big lap and the little wooden chair next to… Read More
Ava and Carlos Schott dressed for Christmas

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Carlos and Ava Irvine

A Chance Encounter

January 17, 2018
Storage West is all about community. We’d like to take a minute to share a story that shows just how much our community can encompass. A while back a community member of ours here in Irvine, Shahram Yousefi, told us about a chance encounter he had. We’ll do our best to retell that story here: Shahram had flown to Tehran,… Read More

A Christmas Story

December 8, 2017
Every holiday season brings a new story from the season before and this one is no exception. This fun adventure happened right before Christmas at the Costco gas station in Irvine. Carlos, the seasonal Santa, was on his way to the annual Relationship Building Network’s giant Christmas luncheon. He represents Storage West there, helps host the party, and passes out… Read More

Tips for Holiday Picture Taking

December 6, 2017
In these busy times most of our precious holiday memories are out of our heads by the Fourth of July, just to make room for everything else we are bombarded… Read More

The Accidental Santa

December 2, 2015
The Accidental Santa By Carlos Schott   We traveled to my daughter’s home this weekend to spend some pre-Christmas time with her and her husband and our two grandsons, baking… Read More
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