Phoenix gets most of its rainfall during the summer months when there is an abundance of heat and moisture.  This is known as the monsoon season.  Many of these storms can be violent and thunderstorms are common.  Dust storms or haboobs are also seen during this time of the year and severe storms or microbursts can also occur.  These are very violent storms which create havoc on the roads with flooding, downed trees and power lines.  Microbursts can be confused with small tornadoes.  Flash flooding can also occur which can create danger for drivers.  The rule is to never enter a flooded area as even shallow levels of water can wash away vehicles.

The monsoon season in Phoenix starts on June 15 and officially lasts until September 30.

It is important to bare in mind some safely tips during monsoon weather.  During thunderstorms do not stand under trees or near large poles.  Also avoid large open spaces.  Seek shelter or stay home or in your car.  Avoid areas where water may run during flash floods.  Don’t use your phone or computer.  If you are caught in a dust storm pull over, stop driving, park your vehicle in a safe spot and turn your lights off.

Phoenix Monsoon Videos

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