There a lot of people that you want to tell you are moving. It can be a very exciting experience. But while your family and friends are the easiest to remember, there’s a few more you won’t want to forget. Keep these entities in mind when you move.

Let’s start with the most attainable. Pull every card that has your name printed onto it out of your wallet. Bank debit cards, credit cards, driver’s license. Every single one of these will have an address attached to them. I know, you just elected for electronic billing the other week, but remember the business you gave that okay to still has to send you a physical copy of the card and you don’t want that to end up not with you. See if any of their online portals have a way to digitally change the address.

Your driver’s license will probably be a bit of a pain but remember. The DMV has simplified this process by making it possible to change your address both online and by posted mail. The sooner you do it the better; some places might require a legal ID to change the address.

Your health insurance provider will need a call. It doesn’t seem like it will make that much of a difference, but in truth some insurances can deny coverage if you do not keep them updated on your current residence. While you are at it, make sure your doctor transfers any prescriptions over to a closer pharmacy.

Use your online bank statements or contact your bank for a ledger of everything you’ve made a payment on in the last month. Cable, Box of the month club, Amazon memberships, any magazine or paper subscriptions, any services that you regularly need (Gardeners and pool cleaners come to mind), all of these things will need your new address in order to provide uninterrupted services. Make sure you delete the old address if you can, therefore eliminating confusion and possible mistakes.

An odd one that not a lot of people remember, your job needs to know your new address. You want to make sure any relevant information makes it into your hands. You’ll also need to deal with the HR departments of anywhere you worked with in the last year. Remember come the first week of February you’ll be wondering where your W-2s are.

The very last thing that is recommended is a visit to your post office. Talk with them about leaving a forwarding address. This ensures that anything that has fallen through the cracks still makes its way to you, ready for its very own address change.

We hope you’ll only need to use the post office as a safe guard as everything else should have been changed. As always don’t forget to update your mailing address with your friends here at Storage West!

-Shannon Roberts
Associate Manager – Storage West Orange County

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