Did you set a goal for the New Year? Our Manager Elisa has some great tips on sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions!

Tips on Attaining Your Goals

The New Year is a time to celebrate and press the re-set button on any goals you may have. To avoid beginning the year with stress and pressure I found that setting small goals is the best way to start. For example; losing a large amount of weight is a common resolution but come February, many people have already given up. I suggest finding a fun exercise class like yoga, surfset, rumba or skyrobics. This is a simple way to ease into working out while not having the constant thoughts of losing the weight solely on your mind.

Setting small goals and finding a fun way to begin a goal can apply to almost all New Year’s resolutions. Never start the year with an unattainable goal for your lifestyle; just enjoy every milestone you achieve throughout the year. A good way to track this is to have a dedicated calendar where you can mark the daily progress you have made. I believe that every month you should review the progress you have made and reward yourself accordingly. This helps keep your spirits up and if you have to adjust your monthly goal for next month it will not be overwhelming.

Stay away from being negative, any progress toward your goal is a success. Do not make your New Year’s resolution consume your life and become a point of negativity. A great way to make sure you stick to any New Year’s resolution is to surround yourself with like-minded people. Make your new year’s resolution known so the people who support you can respect any restrictions or rules you have. There are many online blogs, Facebook groups and chats for almost every subject if you are on the go or are working towards a goal and just need to extra support.

-Elisa Jimenez

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