While the kids are excited about having a week off school this can be a stressful time for parents/ guardians. If some kids had it their way they would just sleep in and watch TV all day while on break, so it’s our job as parents to shake it up and show them how fun it can be when you get creative. If you want to help

occupy the kids over the fall break, check out these ideas:

Occupy the Kids over the Fall Break:

As a family, you could pick one classic movie that has a good moral you want to review with your children. Then, you can make a day out of it. For example, you might choose being thankful, kind, or accepting differences. It can start with a breakfast you all cook together and eat while you discuss a little before watching the movie. Then, you can decide on a small fun project that ties in with the moral of the movie. An example of this might be to put together bags for the homeless, a coloring project to hand out at a convalescent home or volunteering at a food bank. This would give you all time to just relax but also later give back to the community.

Our children do work hard at school so a fun way to reward them, get a sweet treat and learn a little culture is for each child to pick a new dessert from another county. Then, as a family, bake all the individual desserts. At the end of the baking frenzy everyone can taste one another’s and see which ones they also enjoy. The winner can get out of doing one chore or maybe be rewarded a small gift.

To incorporate the Thanksgiving spirit, you could host a small potluck at your house for your children’s friends and family. Make it fun by having a pumpkin carving contest, pie toss or even a potato sack race!

Another great idea would be to just hang out together, and turn the phones off. Pull out old photos or family movies and just enjoy reliving past memories.


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