A new move can be an exciting time for everyone, but when you move with pets it can be a stressful transition. You have to ensure that your pets stay happy and healthy during the moving transition to a new place. Remember that preparation is for pet supplies, moving a pet

Tips for Moving With Pets

If you’re making a long distance move it might be best to map out the trip first. Include rest areas or parks so your pets can use the restroom, stretch and relax for a while. The amounts of stops should be up to your animal’s personal needs and the distance you will be traveling. If you are able to let the pets stay close to you I suggest this is best for everyone’s comfort. Put blankets or comfort items in with your pets if they must stay in a cage. This will ensure a more pleasant ride for the pets.

Additionally, keep the pet’s bowls, medications, treats, doggie bags, food and toys within easy access. When you know where all their items are its less stress for yourself as well and your time can be used on making sure the pets are taken care of without the panic of looking through tons of items.

I recommend first going to your new location without the pet present. Make the new home or property pet safe, inviting and bring comfort items they can recognize. Always remember this can be stressful for animals so the more planning and comfort items they have the easier it can be for all to move happily.

Once the pets have been taken to the new home let them explore while reassuring them so they can get reacquainted without feeling anxiety. Make it more of a game and exciting transition, the less stress you have the less anxiety your pets will feel too.

-Elisa Jimenez
Manager of Storage West Fullerton

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