We asked our team for some “Here for You” examples. This is sort of our company motto, and we wanted to see how it was playing out at the locations. Our Managers have been sending in great Here for You stories to share. Dina wrote this one. She’s one of our Associate Managers here at Storage West Fullerton, and quite a hero it seems.

Here For You – You Saved Me Again

“We have a tenant here at Fullerton that had to move because he was going through a divorce and was separated from his little girl.

He moved into his parent’s home to save money but he could not bring his items from his home, so he stored them with Storage West Fullerton.

He was so grateful for the use of the DOT. He was happy and surprised that it was no cost to him and he could use that money for new shoes for his daughter.  “You saved me again,” he told me.

During his stay at Storage West Fullerton you could set your watch by him. Every Saturday, he would come to his unit with his young daughter to pick up their beach chairs, sand toys and towels he had stored in his unit and off they would go for an outing to the beach.  I would always try to catch him on the way out to hand them some water bottles, just to keep the cost down of the trip, he was always so thankful and would say… “You saved me again”!

Well, the day came when he informed us that he would be moving out because he found a new apartment to settle into and could move out of his parents’ home. Happy days ahead!

But, right when things started to go his way, his job cut him down to 20 hours a week. The rent was due on his new apartment and his rent for Storage West was looming over his head too. He came into the office to pay his full rent by stretching his grocery money and going without. He also gave his 30 day move out notice, sad day. I asked him how much of his unit he was really using and he replied that he had less than half filled, so I offered him a size down with 50% off for the first two months because I really did not want to see him go. Once again he was so grateful and said “you saved me again”. He left the office happy that he would remain a Storage West tenant and went out to his unit to get some items.

On my way out of the office to check the grounds and do a lock check I found $40 dollars on the floor right next to the code out box. I immediately checked the DigiGATE to find out who was the last person to exit the gate and low and behold it was the same tenant. Not just falling off the turnip truck, I called our tenant and asked “Did you lose anything “? And right away he replied “FORTY DOLLARS!! YOU SAVED ME AGAIN!”

Boy, it felt good getting that much needed cash in the right hands!!”

-Dina Garcia

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