10 Simple Ways to a Cleaner Home

I love to redecorate my home and clean for every season, but none as much as spring time. There is something to be said about making your everyday life easier and spring cleaning can do just that! This spring cleaning plan can help.

1. Preparation is key! Make a list of container items and cleaning products you will need to complete your project.

2. Remove all seasonal items and store in color coded boxes or plastic bins for easy recovery.

3. Now it’s time to free up closet and drawer space! This can be a difficult job to tackle if you are not prepared. Vacuum seal bags are great to store away any out of season clothing.

4. Also, ask yourself if you will be using these items again. Donation Centers are great for discarding those unwanted items. Don’t forget to retain a receipt…donations are a great tax write off!

5. Make cleaning easier for you. Get yourself some quick and easy short cut products. They can be just as effective and can also be more sanitary in keeping your home dirt and germ free. Dusters, disinfectant wipes, wet jet mops, and magic erasers can aide in easy cleanliness.

Take a Deep Breath, You’re Halfway There

6. Shred, shred, shred that old and unnecessary paperwork. Create a file method for bills that are needed for record keeping and stick with it. Also, consider going paperless wherever possible. The fewer paper records you have the easier they will be to organize.

7. Next, check that refrigerator! This one gets away from the best of us! Make sure you are consistently discarding expired perishables. Separate food items by category. It also helps to keep items that are going to go bad soon towards the front so you can easily see what you should be using first.

8. Don’t forget the corners, tight spaces & cracks. Dog fur, dust bunnies, and hair like to hide there!

9. Make sure to keep all cleaning supplies in a safe and organized area away from children and pets until you need to use them again. Use baby proofing methods to secure, if necessary.

10. Finally, you’re finished! Don’t forget to open a window once in a while. Fresh air can be one of the best ways to air out any musty odors or stuffiness. It’s great for the soul too!

You Did It!

And that’s just all there is to it! At the conclusion of your spring cleaning, be sure to take a minute and appreciate your hard work. Try and maintain what you’ve done through the year so next year you won’t be tackling the same projects again. Maybe next year you’ll be able to focus on more deep cleaning. Until then, happy spring!!

Written by
Trina Van Alstine
Senior Manager Orange Co./Inland Empire District
Storage West

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