I love to try new recipes. I have one cupboard reserved in the kitchen for my favorite and most used cookbooks. They are arranged in alphabetical order and by the title. I chose this order because most cookbooks have a vast amount of categories and recipes, so it’s much easier for me to locate what I’m looking for.

Organizing Recipes Online

Pinterest add section

My favorite and easiest way to organize and find new recipes is in the Pinterest website! For me, Pinterest is the best way for simplifying the task. I can easily search what I’m looking for and review it, save it, and print it for easy reference. There is no making room for excessive recipe books or recipe file boxes, and the best part is that you can place the app on your phone. I love this because I can grocery shop and look up the ingredients I need. The Pinterest website is designed to personalize. It is more like a smorgasbord of things you like and you can create your own boards like “Recipes “and save them.

examples of pinterest recipe categories

Once you create that board, you can then create sub menus by adding a section in the board. This has really simplified the process for me and I find new recipes almost daily. Pinterest is designed to get to know your personal favorites and will place those favorites in your news feed that match your searches. You will be amazed on how many different recipes there are for something even as simple as Spaghetti!!

If you are following a certain diet or have health restrictions I highly recommend this website for recipes specific to your needs. There are so many ways to organize the recipes. What’s important is that it works for you. Make it simple. For example; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or by food groups; such as; Eggs, Meat, Poultry. It’s a ll up to you.

-Trina Van Alstine
Senior Manager Orange Co/Inland Empire
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