As a kid growing up playing hockey and other sports, my gear would start to smell over time. At the time, we didn’t have Febreze or anything like that to help with the smell. So, I started using dryer sheets. I would put them in my shoes, in gloves; anything that I could put a dryer sheet into. Works great! They will absorb the smell and the sweat and leave your equipment smelling better than it did. But of course you should always wash your gear from time to time as well.

I’ve also used them when I pack up clothing or vacuum pack my clothes. Putting away your winter clothes and jackets? Vacuum seal them with a dryer sheet as well. It smells good when you get to open them up again in 6-8 months instead of that plastic smell.

The same goes for storage. I’ve seen many people just throw clothes in boxes and tape them up. Well guess what! Toss a dryer sheet in the box! It’s not totally going to smell like a box when you have to go back to it. I still advise washing your items before storage, but a dryer sheet can help things stay smelling fresh over time.

Hope these tips have helped!

-Chris Proctor – Associate Manager, Storage West

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