There’s a lot to consider when storing any furniture, but wood furniture takes even more special consideration. Our Manager has some tips to help you make sure your furniture stays in tip top shape while you store it here.

Tips for Storing Wood Furniture

Be sure to wax or use furniture polish on the furniture before you place it in storage, that way you are adding moisture to the wood.

Avoid stacking things on your wood furniture. This can cause cracking in the wood.

It is helpful to buy a plastic dust cover for your furniture. Use a sheet or blanket first to wrap your wood furniture (Stretch wrap works great too!), then cover with the plastic dust cover. The stretch wrap doesn’t leave any sticky residue on your sheets or blankets. This helps in protecting it not only from dust, but from getting scratches on the furniture during the moving process as well.

If you are storing your wooden table consider taking the legs off the table first. You can use labeled baggies to hold any screws or nuts and bolts. This will allow you to use the space in the storage unit more effectively.

Always think ahead. Be sure to ask if the unit you are storing in has ever had any flooding issues. If it has, or if you aren’t sure and want to be extra cautious, add a pallet to the floor for the furniture to sit on. Water damage is not pretty, so keep your furniture out of harm’s way.

Air Cooled Facilities at Flamingo Road

Air Cooled Facilities at Flamingo Road

It’s better not to store antiques in a drive up garage style storage unit here in the desert. They are already dried out. Adding a bucket of water to this kind of space to add moisture to the air if needed may be an alternative. We live in the desert so really it’s best to consider an interior unit with air cooling. If you lived closer to the beach you would have a different problem: Humidity. It isn’t good for the wood either. That can cause mildew, or mold.

No matter where you store there will be unique challenges for your wood furniture. Consider these options when storing in the desert.

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