It was almost a year ago that we met Kyler and his parents, Sherise and Nick Nipper. Right away you could tell that they were loving parents and only wanted the best for their child, Kyler. Kyler was just 11 years old when a fellow student stabbed him in the chest with a pencil at school. Sherise picked him up from school and took him to the hospital. This all happened because of the shoes that he was wearing.

As I was told this story, there was such a feeling of compassion that came over me. Sherise called here at Storage West looking for a unit for the non-profit charity that Kyler started. He was giving away shoes to the homeless and anyone in need of them. Kyler is 14 years old now and giving away shoes is what keeps him going each day.

It wasn’t very long until Kyler’s Kicks outgrew the 10×10 they originally started with here at Storage West Flamingo. They now have a 10×20 unit to keep all the new or slightly used shoes that will be given away. I am fearful that they will be outgrowing this size soon too. It’s really amazing to see what Kyler has been able to accomplish. He’s a truly remarkable young man. Kyler’s Kicks is a great charity. We look forward to many great years of working with them.

For more information you can check out this story about Kyler’s Kicks from Inside Edition. Kyler has passed a huge milestone in giving away his 25,000th pair of shoes with the help of Lave and the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. We are honored to know Kyler and to get to be a part of his story.

-Annette Anderson
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