There are several ways to reduce or manage your stress while moving! Check out these tips from our Manager Annette for National Stress Awareness Day!

Moving Tips

The first one was obvious to me, especially if you have a need to store your items. Storage West has a program where at most of their locations, such as Storage West on East Flamingo in Las Vegas, there is a free moving truck for the use of the person that just rented a unit. Call early when you know the date you want to move into your storage, because they usually have only one truck per store and the free moving in truck reservations fill up fast, especially around the weekends.

2. Start early and plan. It is important to start to get your items that you can live without packed up first. Then, move onto the next group. Leave only the bare essentials for packing the last day and have the box handy that they will fit into.

3. Make sure you leave the items that you consider “home”, such as chair or books or computer to the last day for packing. These are comfort items that will make life less stressful.

4. Make time to exercise. This helps you be less stressful in your day to day life. Start walking and I don’t just mean walking the dog!

5. Don’t beat yourself up if you get mad easier than normal. Don’t take it out on other people, though. It is part of the moving process; it is stressful!

6. If someone wants to help you get organized, learn to accept the help.

7. Keep all your important papers in a special place and have them well marked when boxed up. Actually, that is a good thing to do when you are storing items too. Write on your boxes or bins that have items you know you will be looking for: things like the remote control for the TV or stereo!

The last thing is to make sure you say goodbye to your friends if this is an out of state move. If you are moving across town, you’ll see them again, but let them know about your move by giving them your new address. These days most people’s phone numbers stay the same, so you should be able keep in touch.

Most of all, remember that Storage West is Here For You with your storage needs.

Once you make the move, be sure to get to know your neighbors and become part of the community!

-Annette Anderson


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