April is National Autism Awareness Month. This is the time of year to bring extra attention to this diagnosis. It’s also a great time to educate the community about Autism. Also, it’s a special time to focus on increasing funding for continued research.

P1010076P1010078This event hits close to home for Tim and Jenny, managers of our Escondido location, because their first grandchild was born special. Giovanni received an with autism diagnosis at 18 months. Here is what Tim and Jenny have to say about Giovanni.


“We suspected something was different as early as 6 Months. We actually thought he was deaf. After extensive testing and evaluations, we were told he is Autistic. Thanks to early intervention he has Flourished. Giovanni is a Very smart and Loving Child. He has a Heart of gold. Despite his challenges he tries his hardest and always has a Smile on his face. He is the Light of Our lives. We are Proud to call him Ours.”

To gain a better awareness of what Autism is and how it affects the individual and their families, here are some helpful sites with loads of useful information.

Donations can also be made here.

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