We now live in the age of electronics. Most people carry tablets, cell phones, computers, gaming consoles, and/or cameras with them every single day. There are new models of these devices coming out all year long. When the holiday season comes and goes or another birthday passes, we often find ourselves with new electronic devices. We sometimes lose interest in those old vintage electronics and set them aside.

Every once in a while the nostalgia kicks in and we want to use that old device. Poor care and improper storage of that device may cause damage though; so it is tossed away and lost forever. If you don’t store those items correctly you won’t be able to show your kids your old game systems. You can’t show off the old working flip phone. You won’t be able to pull out the old computer or laptop to see your old work and photos. But, with a little effort, these devices can be stored away correctly and safely, and these items can live to see many more days to come.
Here are a few tips to help you preserve and store your old electronics:

Tip #1 – Take Out Batteries of Every Kind

Almost every piece of electronics needs batteries; laptops, cell phones, cd players and cassette tape players, and even handheld gaming devices all use batteries. Most of the time, these items use alkaline batteries which almost always leak after time, causing corrosion and serious damage to the insides of the device itself. Be sure to take the batteries out of every device before storing. Even laptops, portable computers, and old cell phones use a rechargeable and removable battery that needs to be taken off the device before storing. If the device has a battery specifically for it, be sure to keep the device in a plastic bag and keep it with the item it goes to so it doesn’t get lost.

Tip #2 – Don’t Overstuff Your Storage Boxes

Most devices are made up of different types of plastics. Those plastics are made to be durable, but that plastic can break down over time. Don’t add to or help with the destruction of your devices by adding too many devices to your storage bins, adding too much weight on top of these plastics, can cause irreversible damage to them. Make sure to take your time when packaging the items by using an old towel, or t-shirt, or bubble wrap to protect the device. The more care you give to the storage and well-being of your devices, the more time you will have to use these devices in the future.

Tip #3 – Don’t Go Into the Light

UV light can discolor and breakdown plastic. That’s another reason to wrap up your old devices in an old towel, t-shirt, or bubble wrap; not only to add protection where you store it but to restrict UV light from harming your devices. Everyone has that one older gaming system that was one color when it was brand new and it turned almost brown after a few years. Wrapping up your items helps keep that from continuing and will give your devices a longer life.

Tip #4 – Avoid Heat, Humidity, and Water

When it comes to storing your items, always make sure you have a cool, dry space in mind. If you are using a storage unit, don’t go for the outside drive up unit; use a space that is in the building and air cooled. This will give your devices a perfect atmosphere for storage, with low humidity, no wild ranges in temperature, and low levels of light. Restricting the humidity and changes in temperature helps reduce the chances of corrosion or mold on your electronics.

Tip #5 – Clean and Dust Your Items for Storage

The care you give your items when you are storing them is the ultimate key to how long these devices will last in the future. Take time to clean the items you are going to store. Use a can of air to blow excess dust and debris from the items, especially old laptops and computers, before wrapping them and storing them. Cleaned items and dust free items will reduce the chance of particles harming lenses in devices, or causing damage to circuitry, and reduces the chance of any bugs or critters being in the device. Properly clean the device, wrap with the chosen wrapping, don’t forget to keep the battery with the item if it has one, and store accordingly.

Taking the time to care for how you store your devices gives you the chance to keep those vintage electronics for years to come; giving you the opportunity to show your kids how cool all this old technology used to be. Who needs the latest and greatest electronic device when you have an excellent condition old school original?

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