It’s that time of year, Halloween gives way to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving leads to Christmas, and Christmas brings us the New Year. We may not be in a hurry to see another year go, but here are 7 SUPER TIPS for storing your holiday items and decorations. These ideas bring a close to the holiday season while also getting us ready for next year’s holiday rush.

At Storage West, we sell items that can help you keep your holiday decorations and ornaments protected and organized. Storage boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, shrink wrap, and tape are just some of the items we have for sale. We also have the storage space to put those holiday items till next year, allowing you to clear out that garage or closet space.

Number 7 – MAKING A LIST –

If you make it to the end of the Christmas season and you see that you have run out of ribbon, or wrapping paper, or tape, or boxes, or whatever you know you need for next year; make a list. Put that list in with your stored Christmas items, this way you get a jump on what is needed when it is time to bring these items out again next year.

Number 6 – TOSS ITEMS –

Don’t get stuck with items you know you need to get rid of. Declutter! Get rid of anything you no longer want, anything you no longer need or items that you no longer like. Also, toss out those broken ornaments or light strands. This keeps you from having to deal with the same broken lights every year.


The same way you have a toolbox for your fishing tackle, put together a holiday tool and accessories kit. Find yourself a small plastic toolbox or tackle box and fill it with holiday essentials, such as ornament hooks, tape, wire cutters, nylon line, narrow ribbon, scissors, florist’s wire, twisty ties, and spare holiday light bulbs, so that next year all these supplies will be ready.

Number 4 – CUP IT –

Have a lot of those red party cups left over from your holiday party? Get yourself a plastic tub for your ornaments, a box that has sides big enough to fit in the container, and hot glue the party cups to a piece of cardboard cut to fit the bottom of the container, and place 4 or 5 cups across by 10 or 11 cups down, or more if they can fit. It should look like a tray holding empty cups. This is where you will put your loose ornaments and decorations. For more space in the container, make another row with another piece of cardboard with more cups.

Number 3 – ORGANIZER –

Get yourself a fabric over-the-door style shoe organizer to store your wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows. These usually come with 6 rows on them, with each row holding 4 dividers, holding up to 24 pair of shoes. Just cut holes through bottoms of the dividers on the second and third rows from the bottom and slide the wrapping paper through it. The bottom row will hold the rolls in place. The top three rows you can use for bows and ribbons, and even your tags and labels.

Number 2 – LIGHTING –

The dreaded knotted ball of lights from the past 20 years will be no more. Take a wrapping paper tube and cut it in half from bottom to top. Put this tube around another wrapping tube of the same size. Place a couple pieces of tape around the tube to secure and make them a little sturdier. Place the end of the lights inside the tube, and start rolling up the lights around the tube, the same way a fishing reel reels in line. Using the tube size correctly, you should be able to get several strands of lights on per tube. This will keep them organized, and ward off the nightmares of Christmas light.


Before you start the task of packing away all your decorations, place a label on everything. Labels can be made from old Christmas present tags, or from a labeling machine, or even if it is just written on the boxes with a marker. The key is to label everything so you know where items are, so you do not have to open every single box to find what you need. If you plan to store more than one type of decoration in a single location, label each section to save time and keep the frustration to a minimum next year.

By using these tips, you give yourself a jump start on the protection and storage of your holiday decorations. Plus, with the merchandise we have available at all of our Storage West locations, and the storage spaces we rent; there is no reason you need to have any hassle or frustration for Holiday Time next year.
Have a Happy Holiday season!

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