Twas the day of our move-in and we love our new house.

But little Don’s crying because we’ve lost Mister Mouse!

Could it be with his toys or his big building blocks?

Now, if Dad could only remember which box.

Then what to our weary pop’s eyes did appear

A wonderful mother with a grin ear to ear.

“Don’t fret loving family for Mom’s got your back!

This red bin I’m holding was the last one I packed.

I gathered all critical objects with care

So, on this first night, we would not despair.”

From this small plastic vault, she removed all the goodies

Toothbrushes, eyeglasses, pajamas with footies

The dog’s dish, the cat’s toy, a new bedtime book,

And the Pizza Place menu so we won’t have to cook!

Phone chargers, pill bottles, warm winter coats

Why, Mom even thought to add all the remotes

There was joy in their hearts as they finished unpacking

Except for their father his joy a bit lacking.

Their dear old dad sighed, his head hanging low,

“Only 150 more boxes to go!”

auto bottom boxes stacked on a push cart

Do yourself a favor on moving day. Compile a list of all the essential items your family needs to go to bed on the first night in your new place. Purchase as many brightly colored plastic bins as you might need to pack everything. The morning of your move, make sure to collect all those items in one place. Make those boxes the last ones you pack and transport them in your vehicle instead of your moving truck. If they must go on the truck, make sure they are the last ones in so they can be the first ones out.

You may not get to all your boxes on the first night, and everyone will sleep soundly knowing that those special things they need to feel at home are there.

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