April 30th is Military Brats Day. In honor of the occasion our Facility Manager Libby has written in about her experience as a military kid.

Military Brats Day

As a former “military brat,” my mother and I followed my father through many moves. We were in three states and two countries while he served in the Air Force. I remember we became very good at packing and moving. Some of my mother’s furniture still has the stickers from the military movers. I remember how hard it was to leave home, family, and friends to start all over again in a strange place.

As a Facility Manager at Storage West in a military town like Las Vegas, I have had the privilege to meet many military families. One amazing military “brat” once told me, “I am the best at packing. I know how to make everything fit!” Packing is not a skill that your average 12-year old has acquired, but he was good at it and proud that he was. His service to the country was being great at moving when dad was called to a new station.
It is easy to forget that spouses and children of active duty and reserve military serve right beside their soldiers. My parents taught me that, when you see a man or woman in a military uniform, you always say, “Thank you for your service.” It is a sign of respect for the sacrifice that person is making on behalf of the United States. I have learned as an adult that it is also important to thank another group of brave men and women who, although they are not in uniform, also sacrifice for our country, the military families, and, especially, the military kids.

-Libby Kimbrough,

Facility Manager

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