The 77015 community is located in East Houston, Texas. A little more east, across the Burnet Bay is Baytown, TX. The Buffalo Bayou runs straight through 77015, traveling east and west.

Houston, TX is the most populated city in Texas. It is the fourth-most populated city in the entire country. Houston has a great American start as a community. The port and railroad industries got this city up and running and oil discovery in 1901 kept it thriving.


The city of Houston offers many options for any type of education one is looking for. Throughout Houston, there are 17 public school districts and over 300 private schools.

There are also a lot of colleges and post-secondary education options to choose from in Houston. The University of Houston is the biggest and most widely-known university in the area. The Houston Community College System operates campuses in most parts of the Houston area. There are also campuses in the surrounding cities.

The 77015 area specifically has a few school options right in the zip code limits. North Shore Middle School and North Shore Senior High School are right next door to each other.

Things to Do

Houston, TX is a city that offers something for anybody that comes for a visit. Residents that are looking for something fun will have many things to do.

The Theater District in downtown has restaurants, movies, and other entertainment. The entire Theater District covers a 17-block area. The Space Center Houston has interactive exhibits about NASA and space. There is also a shuttle simulator that lets you be an astronaut for a few minutes!

As one of the most populous cities in the U.S., Houston has the most parks and green spaces compared to any other city. Houston has 337 parks to choose from and enjoy all throughout the city. Houstonians are never too far from a great park to enjoy the outdoors.

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