Are you working to stick to some New Year’s Resolutions this year? Check out these tips and ideas!

Working out

Wake up earlier: Many of us are addicted to the snooze button, only to find out that we are not feeling any more rested than we did when the alarm went off. Waking up earlier can help you feel more productive and even lead to accomplishing other goals.



Get creative: Find activities you enjoy or do functional fitness.

Count steps: This new trend is getting people moving! Various apps and devices are available to help you count how many steps you are naturally taking during the day and motivate you to increase them.
Set goals: Losing weight, toning, or strengthening


Eating healthy

soda nutritional factsEat fewer foods containing excessive sugar or carbs. Avoid the silent killer that is so easy to overlook…sugary drinks.

Drink water: Increasing your water intake can decrease your appetite and help you feel more energized. You might want to set a timer or use an app that reminds you to drink water at certain times if you are busy or forgetful.

bottled water

Spending less

Coupons: Check your mail or go online to find ads that will help you save. You can also use websites like to catch deals.

Sales: Many stores have weekly, monthly, semi-annual, or annual sales.

Budget: Write down what needs to be paid first, such as bills and necessities. Then decide how you want to spend or save the remaining funds, before you get your paycheck.

Schedule days to go out: Limiting time you go out to certain days can help you to avoid impulse spending or unnecessary expenses.


Allocate part of your savings from spending less to go on vacation. You can save on your travel and lodging budget by taking a “staycation” and exploring your local attractions.


Storage: Getting a storage unit can help you to declutter your home and free up the space you have been longing for. Be sure to pack your storage unit neatly and only keep what is needed or true memorabilia. Free-standing shelves are a great way to maximize space and help organize your belongings. They also make it easier to access items that you would not want to hunt for.

Garage sale: Let go of extra stuff you have, cluttering your house (or storage unit), and make some extra cash.

Trash: Throw it away! If you have not looked at it in a decade…trash it! (Unless you have a sentimental attachment of course)

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