The best way to organize your decorations is to separate them by holiday. Let’s start by talking about Halloween decorations.  Make sure you label your cardboard or plastic boxes with a permanent marker to quickly identify your decorations. Then, place your Halloween boxes with the label facing forward. It will be easier to find your decor when the time comes. There is nothing like having to turn boxes around or take them all out to reach the contents in the back of a storage unit.


Also, putting the items that you need to access more frequently toward the front of a storage unit makes it easier to transfer decorations in and out of the unit throughout the year. If you are the type to decorate sparingly, you may wish to condense your holiday decorations into one box. Be sure to separate the holiday items using bags or smaller containers.


Wrap your fragile pieces in paper or bubble wrap to avoid damage. Package your glittery items in plastic, whether individually or with other glitter covered items. Avoid packing fake spider webs with items that have jagged or pointy parts.


Are you handy with crafting? Plan ahead! Build your decorations in pieces that you can disassemble. A large item will fit better in a storage unit if it is boxed, rather than creating an awkward space to work around. If an item is just too strangely shaped to put in a box, try putting it on the top of other stored items to maximize the floor space.

What to Avoid

Remember not to store any leftover pumpkins, candy, or any creature attracting substance. In any case, Halloween decorations will only be making a showcase once per year, making dust a main attraction. Any items that are not stored in a container should be covered to protect them from dust buildup.


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