We asked our team to tell us if they had any really good stories that exemplify the “Here for You” attitude that we try to exemplify here at Storage West. Our Carmel Mountain Manager Aimee wrote in about her whole perspective on being here for our community. Great insights Aimee!

Here for You – Someone to Blame

“Over the past two years, I have seen many emotions expressed as people trickle in the office. From new or prospective customers to long time community members. Sometimes people are happy because they are expanding their business, getting married, or finally moving out of their parents’ house. More often people are losing their business, separating from their significant other, or losing their home or loved one. Having needed storage myself, I learned that putting your possessions in the care and trust of someone else is difficult. It adds to the stress of whatever situation causing the need for storage in the first place. I found that sometimes people have difficulties with projecting their problems on others. The underlying situation results in the search for an outlet and someone to blame for the pain they are enduring. When someone comes in the office in a bad mood, ready to yell, blame, and degrade, I find the need to empathize. It takes staying calm and trying to understand that they are not ready to express their real troubles. When the customers realize that my intentions are to help and not harm, they tend to change their perspective. Receiving the hugs, flowers, and offers for meals as apologies for words or actions has helped me remember that we are in this together. Life is hard. We need each other to get through this. That makes me happy to be in a position to be ‘Here for you.’”

-Aimee Carmichael

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