Guide to Spring Cleaning

March 26, 2019
It’s spring time! The butterflies are migrating through California and the pollen is flowing through the air. Here are some tips to help you get going on your spring cleaning projects. Do it Step by Step! Move the appliances and furniture out of the way. Food, dust, cobwebs, and lost items tend to collect behind them. Refrigerator – Get in those cracks and crevices. Remove the drawers and shelves for a thorough deep clean. In the process, you might find those old crusty expired foods that fell into hard to see places. Move the couches – Get those dust bunnies… Read More
empty shelves
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First Aid Kit

How to Organize the Medicine Cabinet

October 24, 2018
Looking to organize your medicine cabinet in time for flu season? Check out these tips from our Manager Aimee! Get Started! Categorize by Shelf You might need to change the shelf levels, if possible, to cater to your personal needs. Whether you have a plethora of beauty products, perfumes, essential oils, or dental care items, organizing your medicine cabinet is… Read More
child's drawing with Priority Moving Magnet

What to Do with All Your Child’s Art and School Work Keepsakes

August 20, 2018
Since my daughter started school this year, we have accumulated a collection of artwork from her class, daycare, and just for fun. With her developing reading and writing skills, I have become attached to her writing assignments since they showcase her development. Now I am at the point of wondering…what do I do with all this stuff?! Display it My… Read More

What Can Not be Stored in a Storage Unit

May 14, 2018
Not sure what you can’t store? Check out this list our Manager submitted to help you as you’re planning. Storage No No’s First and foremost, do not EVER try to… Read More

Organizing Halloween Decorations

October 9, 2017
The best way to organize your decorations is to separate them by holiday. Let’s start by talking about Halloween decorations.  Make sure you label your cardboard or plastic boxes with… Read More
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