Storage West is participating in Green Light A Vet throughout our company to show our support for veterans. We asked our managers if they would like to share some of the reasons that they wanted to be a part of this.

IMG_76371 IMG_54421Christine, who works here at Cardiff, wrote in and told us that her grandfather and godfather both served in the Air Force as well as many other members of her family including uncles and cousins who served in the Marines and the Army. She wanted to participate to show her support and honor them.

Also, Christine wanted to give a special shout out to a particular family member who is serving in the Army. Her brother in law Alex is new to her family and is stationed in Alaska right now. She says that they are lucky to have him in their lives and she is glad that he and her sister are doing well starting their family.

In addition to her own family and friends Christine wanted to recognize the retired veterans who store as part of our community of renters. She hopes that our green lights will show them that we truly appreciate their service.

20151111_161820We second that Christine! We hope this small token of recognition is a reminder to veterans that we care and have not forgotten about the sacrifices that they make for us.

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