IMG_1075Recently, Erik was diagnosed with diabetes and had to receive treatment at a local hospital for three days. He asked that we share his story so that he might inspire others. While this is a difficult diagnosis, there is a lot of hope for Erik and ways for him to stay healthy through insulin pills and a proper healthy diet. So much hope, in fact, he treated his hospitalization like a day at the spa! Anyone who knows Erik will not be surprised by this. His fun loving attitude will never let him down.

IMG_1076With the news of his diet needing to change for the healthier, the first step was to clean the cabinets and fridge in his home of all the unhealthy foods still in there and replace them quickly! Erik and his family have added healthy food into their diet and found that it actually tastes great. Even his daughter thinks the new foods are delicious.

variousadditiveranchsugarSome of the diet changes can be hard but it hasn’t taken long for Erik to start feeling the positive effects. They have been eating more salads with healthy salad dressing options, eating wraps instead of breads, using raw agave or cinnamon to sweeten their coffee instead of sugar. Also, Erik has been eating more fiber to combat his craving for sodas and they found sparkling flavored water to encourage him to stay hydrated, too.

With the diagnosis and lifestyle change, Erik wants to be a leading example for anybody else that might be going through similar health issues and will be active with posts on Facebook about his experience to help educate and start a dialogue within the community.

Here are some recipes that Erik has shared with us and recommends to others. Stay tuned for more updates!

Banana and Peanut Butter 4-Ingredient ‘Ice Cream’

Oven-Fried Bananas


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