We asked our Managers to submit some of their favorite Here for You moments. Here’s another story our Baseline Manager Christy sent in.

Here For You – Just in Time

We had a couple storing their RV with us last winter and the day they were set to rent and fly out was not a good one for them. There was an accident or something on the freeway and they were running terribly behind. Erik showed them the perfect space while I did some of the paper work. They came back in and I finished with the lease and Erik called a cab to get them to the airport – they had only an hour before their flight at this point and the cab said it would be about 30 to 45 minutes! They were incredibly frustrated and distraught at this point and needed to get to the airport NOW.

After calling different cab companies for them and getting the same result, Erik contacted Uber. There was no wait and someone was close, so he just reserved the closest one with his account. They only had a small prepay phone and Travelers Checks so Erik paid for it for them and they got there in time, so all was well! Yay! They were incredibly appreciative and said they would never forget him.

-Christy Pineda

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