We asked our Managers for some examples that made them think of the Storage West “Here for You” attitude. Christy wrote in with something Erik did to really help out a Community Member.

Here for You – And Your Boogie Board

Erik had a family come in and offer him a boogie board. They said it was a very nice and expensive boogie board. When Erik declined they asked if there was anyone else who may want it. When Erik asked why they were trying to give it away, they said they needed to catch a flight and wanted to bring it with, but it needed to be properly boxed. The airlines wouldn’t let it go the way it was. They explained they went everywhere looking for a box and they were either too big or not narrow enough to fit with them.

Erik said, ‘hold on a minute’ and went through and grabbed 2 small mirror boxes and overlapped and reshaped them with some little plastic pieces he had, and tape. They were so happy they got to keep their boogie board. They sent us pictures and a post card from their vacation.

-Christy Pineda

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