What Makes Us So Special?

October 30, 2017
With a mass number of Self-Storage places popping up everywhere it can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose the one that is perfect for you. There are so many questions and concerns you may have. Price? Security? Cleanliness? Well, this is Christy, your local self-storage-ologist, and I am here to tell you what makes ME the right choice for YOU. Choosing a Storage Facility So, I know a lot of times the number one concern is price and I get it – it is normally a stressful time and money is tight. But keep in mind, these are your… Read More

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Tips for Storing your RV in the Winter 

October 13, 2017
Hey there all! I’m back – Christy, your local self-storage-ologist! Here to help give you a few tips on storing your RV or Camper during those cold winter months. This is a basic list of helpful hints and it is always important to do your research and check the weather in your area. Where to Store it So first we… Read More

What Tempe Self Storage Unit is Right for You?

March 2, 2017
Looking to declutter and want more space in your home? Moving and need a place to store your items during the transition? Maybe you are a business and need to find a place for files or overstock? Maybe your car just wants its rightful place in the garage back? Well, have no fear – Christy your local self-storage-oligist is here!… Read More
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