We asked our Managers to send in some of their favorite Here for You Moments. Here’s another one our Storage West Baseline Manager Christy sent in:

Here for You – Any Way I Can

A few years back, I had a Community Member here who sadly passed away. His mother called me and explained what happened and sent the necessary paperwork over, but she lived in Illinois. She had no way to get his items back to her. I told her, “I will help her any way I can”. I contacted movers, but he just had a small unit and it would cost her a fortune to ship them that way. So, I kept at it. I finally found a pack and ship place that would send it all to her. Only one problem – it all had to be packed up, stacked, and placed neatly and evenly on a pallet, and wrapped very securely. Well, since no one lives out here, I knew she would need help so I went out (late July heat – ugh!) with her permission and spent a good chunk of the day making sure everything was the way it should be and paying careful respect to his belongings. I sent her pictures before and during the procedure. When she finally received the package, she was so happy. It made me feel good to be there for someone when they needed it most.

-Christy Pineda

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