We got another story from our Ann Rd. Manager Susan. Check it out, another great Here for You example!

Here for You – Let’s Go Take a Ride

“We had a daughter and an elderly mother come in to rent. The mother had a 3,200 square foot house. She had cancer and was moving in with her daughter. She kept saying that she had to have an Indoor Air Cooled unit. Well no 12×30’s come with IAC. She was putting her foot down that she wanted it. The daughter just didn’t know what to do. George said, “Let’s go take a ride.” He took them to the unit and George put his arm out and walked with her to the inside of the unit. He asked her do you think this is too hot in here. Her answer was, “No it’s not bad at all.” The daughter had a relieved look on her face and was thrilled that George did this with her mom. George walked her back to the golf cart and came in the office and we did the lease. It took longer to do the lease as she had so many questions but we were more than happy to answer them for her. By the time she left I grew fond of this lady. She had a lot of birds so that was a subject we really connected on. Every time she came in to pay we would talk about birds again and I just wanted to know how she was doing. Sad to say, she passed away four months later. I sent a card to the daughter as it just broke my heart. She was a very special lady with a lovely soul. I will never forget her.”

-Susan Perez

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