Here’s another Here for You story submission from one of our Managers, Susan.

Here for You – Help from the Outside

“We had these two older females come in, and one of them was moving here from out of state. (Can’t remember what state it was) They wanted a 10×15 Inside Air Cooled unit.  It had to be IAC.  The trucking company was giving them the run around.  Every time they called the trucking company kept saying, “oh another 2 weeks”… and another.  Then, we find out that her belongings were in a storage unit in Chicago.  She was so upset.  This went on for 2 ½ months.  Sometimes businesses like this listen better to someone from outside the situation.  George got the name and number of the trucking company.  He made a phone call for them and I’m happy to say her belongings were here just 3 weeks later.  Luckily we had a 10×15 IAC unit open for her to rent.  We kept in touch with these two as they kept giving us updates on what was going on with the trucking company.  She would just cry in front of us as there were many memorable items in that truck and she didn’t want anything happen to them.  At the end both of them were very happy and even gave us a nice card with an Applebee’s gift card inside it. All it took was one little phone call from George.”

-Susan Perez


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