We recently asked our Managers for some examples of how our “Here for You” tagline has really come into action out in the field. Our Managers have been sending in great Here for You stories that they wanted to share. This one is from Susan, she’s one of our Manager’s here at Ann Rd. You just got to love a come back story!

Come Back Story

“George and I came in to work and there was already a car outside with a young man and woman.  The lady came in by herself and she was wearing PJ’s and slippers.  Her so called boyfriend in the car is kicking her out and all of her belongings were in the back seat.  She was crying and looked so miserable.  I wanted to cry for her.  She only had so much money in her pocket.  I did the best I could just to get the unit rented to her so her boyfriend does not get more upset about the situation.  We got her a unit and they loaded all of her stuff in there.  Didn’t see her at all for months but she was paying for the unit every month.  About 3-4 months later she walked in the side door and I didn’t know who she was.  I asked her for her name and unit# as she was moving out.  I looked in the computer and it hit me at that point.  She was beautiful and got her life in order.  She no longer sees that guy who came with her, got a new job and a new apartment.  I was so happy for her.  I wished her nothing but the best for whatever life holds for her.  I was just so happy to see she changed her life around.”

-Susan Perez


Thanks for the story submission Susan! It’s so wonderful to see members of our community turn things around so much, even if it means we can’t even recognize them anymore.

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