Here for You – In the Nick of Time

August 25, 2017
One more story from Susan. She and George really know how to be here for our community! Here for You – In the Nick of Time “We had a couple come in our office way back in 2013.  They had their RV parked with another company and it was broken into twice.  At that point they knew they had to go somewhere else.  They wanted to know if we had any openings and, sorry to say, we didn’t.  I offered to take their name and phone number just in case one did open up.  They thanked me but were very… Read More

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Here for You – Let’s Go Take a Ride

August 24, 2017
We got another story from our Ann Rd. Manager Susan. Check it out, another great Here for You example! Here for You – Let’s Go Take a Ride “We had a daughter and an elderly mother come in to rent. The mother had a 3,200 square foot house. She had cancer and was moving in with her daughter. She kept… Read More

Here for You – Help from the Outside

August 23, 2017
Here’s another Here for You story submission from one of our Managers, Susan. Here for You – Help from the Outside “We had these two older females come in, and one of them was moving here from out of state. (Can’t remember what state it was) They wanted a 10×15 Inside Air Cooled unit.  It had to be IAC.  The trucking… Read More

Here for You – The Little Things

August 22, 2017
Here’s another entry from our Here for you stories request. Sometimes it’s just the little things that make a big difference Here for You Story Entry “We have a tenant… Read More

Here For You – Come Back Story

August 21, 2017
We recently asked our Managers for some examples of how our “Here for You” tagline has really come into action out in the field. Our Managers have been sending in… Read More
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