In honor of National Mutt Day our Senior Manager Trina wrote in about her Roxy:


It was a rainy day when I first met Roxy. She wasn’t even weaned yet. With a stubby tail and blue eyes. I never dreamed she would sprout a large plumed tail, brown eyes and pointy fox ears! She was my beautiful baby and one of the smartest pups I’ve ever known. She knew English well and was very agile. I finally ran a DNA test on her because I was so intrigued by her smarts and her looks. Turns out Roxy was  golden retriever, miniature schnauzer, and American Staffordshire! It all made sense!!

Sadly, my beautiful girl passed away on June 8th. She is dearly missed by everyone she met.  She changed my life for the better and will live on forever in my heart! To me, mutts are unique in character and make the best pets!

Trina Van Alstine

Senior Manager Orange/Inland Empire

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