Storage West locations have great storage supplies for storing Christmas decorations!

They have supplies including but not limited to the items below:
1. Boxes – in all sorts of sizes and shapes ranging from $1.69 and up
2. E-Z glass kit with foam pockets (perfect for fragile ornaments)
3. Bubble wrap $1.99 and up
4. Boxed newspaper (acid-free)
5. Packing peanuts
6. Clear packing tape and dispenser
7. Wardrobe Box
8. Mattress covers (twin, full, queen, & king)
9. Lamp box

Getting ready to put Christmas stuff away until next year? Check out some tips from our Associate Manager Pam Scotti:

Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

The first thing I would start out with is an E-Z glass kit with foam pockets for your glass or fragile and breakable ornaments. It is a box with individual compartments for glasses but we are going to use them for fragile ornaments. All of your breakable ornaments will fit in each compartment individually for secure storing for next year.

Now, the rest of your ornaments will do fine with them being wrapped in newspaper. Not the local newspaper, but the acid-free newsprint we have at Storage West. This kind of paper will not allow your ornaments to lose their color and shine. Wrap each one separately and put them in a small box. Make sure you put a label on the outside of each box so you know what is in each box.
Christmas decorations that are unusually shaped, I recommend wrapping them with the newsprint and then finding the right box. We sell lamp boxes that are perfect for tree-toppers and lawn decorations, we also have computer boxes that are very thick and sturdy which are perfect for heavier items.

Finally, the Christmas tree: If it is a real tree, I recommend coming in and buying a mattress or sofa cover so that when removing the tree it won’t leave needles all over your living room or vehicle. For fake ones I would recommend a wardrobe box, because we all know the box that our tree came in only lasts about a year if you are lucky. A wardrobe box will last for years.
So, next year’s decorating will be organized and easy so you can focus on the true meaning of Christmas with family and friends.

May all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From all of us at Storage West!

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