Moving with Children

It’s time to move! Most people dread moving when it’s just themselves or them and a spouse, but adding children to the mix adds a whole different level of stress. They have their own clothes, toys and books to be moved. Not everyone has that helping hand to watch their children during the moving process. So not only are you packing and cleaning with them around, but on the big day you have to also move with your children being present.

During my many moves involving my own children, I have found that making the best of the tough situation you are in is the easiest method. Doing this can remove a small amount of stress from your plate. Get the children involved in all the different elements.

One thing I have done is downsize the clothing they may have. Trying on items and seeing what fits and does not fit will not only get rid of extra stuff you may need to pack but also help others if you donate those items. You can even have a fashion show and make that fun for them!

Get the Kids Involved

Another thing you can do is have the kids help with the packing process. Kids love to tape boxes together and closed, as well as pack up their own toys. When going through those items, they can find all the things they thought they lost. This is also another great time to downsize and donate anything your kids don’t play with anymore.

The most stressful time is the actual moving day. I always get an early start because most kids are happier in the morning. Eat a good breakfast and start moving those items. If you don’t have anyone to help watch your children on this day, then the best suggestion I have is to allow them to help! Moving the smaller and more lightweight items into your moving vehicle keeps them engaged and gives them less time to complain. Don’t forget to keep them (and yourself!) hydrated as the day goes on.

Remember that moving is stressful and dreaded by everyone, but you can make the best of it with your children. By making them feel needed and important during a life change you can help them adapt to their new life and surroundings easier.

-Ashley Spiker
Storage West – Associate Manager

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