What Makes Up This Zip Code Area?

85017 is a primarily residential section of central-west Phoenix. The southern section of 85017 has an abundance of multi-family homes and apartment buildings. The streets further north are lined with single family homes. Shopping plazas dot the wide avenues, featuring a mix of big box stores like Wal-Mart and Costco. There are also local stores and chains in between.

The area’s main thoroughfare is Interstate 17, which connects Phoenix with Flagstaff, its northern neighbor. With several convenient entrance and exit ramps, the highway makes Downtown Phoenix a simple drive away. The Arizona State Fair, which runs through most of October each year, is also nearby. Although most of the locals commute by car, mass transit is available, with bus lines and light rail covering most of the region.

Education Here

To educate its bustling population, this neighborhood contains 9 high schools, 11 middle schools, and 14 elementary schools, as well as Grand Canyon University, a for-profit Christian university. The university’s rapid growth in the last decade has contributed greatly to the quality of life in the surrounding area, improving housing values and reducing crime. Grand Canyon’s recently remodeled 135,000 square foot arena seats 7,000 and is home to the university’s soccer and basketball teams. In addition to sporting events, the arena hosts several concerts, community events, and conferences each year.

Located along North 35th Street, Cielito Park is a popular place to pass a lazy afternoon. The park features a swimming pool, sports fields, and lighted basketball courts, as well as a picnic area with barbecue grills. For those who’d rather leave the cooking to the professionals, this part of the city boasts numerous restaurants. The diverse cultural makeup of the area shines through in the variety of cuisine available. You can find Italian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Vietnamese, and Chinese restaurants, as well as standard American fare.

With its convenient location, many amenities, and low cost of living relative to the rest of Phoenix, 85017 is a neighborhood worth consideration.


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