People tend to have very strong opinions about packing. Many of us hate to do it. We dread the process of sorting through our possessions and trying to consolidate them. The problem can be compounded when we have to attempt to pack our items into a small space. For example, if you have overflow items from your moving truck that you need to pack in your car along with your family, you might wonder how you will make everything fit. The same is true if you are moving using a small rental truck, or have rented a small storage space.

Fortunately, there are some pro tips you can use to help fit as much as possible into your small space – whatever it is.

  1. If you’re concerned about space, the very first thing you should do is take the opportunity to cull your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t use. Clothing can often be donated, as can toys and even furniture. Alternatively, have a big yard sale to get rid of unwanted items. There’s no point in moving anything that you won’t use later.
  2. Many different clothes in the closetWhen packing, use vacuum-sealed bags for items like clothing. Vacuum sealing can take bulky items like bedding and winter coats and compress them to a fraction of their former size. Often, these bags can then slide between boxes, thus helping you to make use of every inch of available space. Alternatively, try packing items into trash bags. While they won’t compress your items, their flexibility means that you can put them just about anywhere.
  3. Choose small boxes over large ones. Some items, such as large electronics, require large boxes. However, for things like books and other small items, choosing small boxes gives you some real versatility when it comes to packing. A small box is far more likely to fit into an awkward space than a large one, and it’s often possible to fit small boxes together like a puzzle. The bonus is that they will also be easy to carry on the other end of your trip.
  4. Make sure to fill every box all the way. Empty space is wasted space. One good way to fill in those empty spaces is to pack a towel or sheet into a box to fill it to the top. That way you won’t have to use an extra box for your towels and you’ll be sure that every box you pack is being fully utilized.
  5. If you are moving items in your car, consider getting an overhead rack to help you make the most of your space. Overhead racks are relatively inexpensive to buy, and they can help you transport large items that would not otherwise fit in your car.
  6. Another tip for packing your car is to make use of the spaces you might otherwise not think of as storage space. Examples include the wheel wells, under the front seats, and even around the spare tire – although you should make sure that you can easily get to the spare tire if you need it.
  7. When packing items into a moving truck, make use of the space inside furniture and appliances. If you are moving a dresser, put things inside the drawers and then secure them so they won’t open during the move. You can even store things inside clean appliances. For example, small items like kitchen gadgets could fit easily inside your microwave.
  8. Any furniture that can be disassembled before packing should be. Removing legs from tables will allow you to stack tabletops together. To ensure the hardware doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, put it in plastic bags and secure it to the furniture with tape – that way everything will be together when you get to your new home.

Packing items into a small space can be challenging, but if you use these tips to ensure that every inch that’s available to you is used, you will be amazed at how much you can fit into the space you have.

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