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If you are a sports enthusiast, chancing are you have plenty of sports equipment laying about. If you are involved in more than one sport, your home, garage or basement can get cluttered really quickly. There are plenty of ways to get your gear organized and resolve the clutter in your home, garage or basement. Read on for a look at five ways that you can storing your sports equipment in the off-season.

Get a Sports Locker

A sports locker for your garage can definitely come in handy to store your equipment in the office. If you play multiple sports, you may want to consider getting an extra locker to get things organized. A sports locker can easily fit in the corner of your basement, garage or even a spare room of your house. Make sure that your sports gear is thoroughly cleaned out before you store them away so that your gear stays fresh and clean for next years.

Sports EquipmentRubber Bins

Whether you have a lot of a small amount of sports equipment to store away, there are rubber bins that you can use to safely and securely store away your stuff. Rubber bins protect your equipment from moisture, weather and damage. These bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can personalize them, so that you can retrieve your gear on a moment’s notice.


If you have ample space in your garage or basement, you can easily install shelves to store all of your gear. Line up cleats and helmets on the shelves, set up a bin for bats and hockey sticks, and baseballs and hockey pucks can easily be stored in a bucket or a bin. This is an organized way to keep your gear in one place, organized and ready for next season.

Storage Chests

Another alternative, if you’re limited on space, is to invest in a storage chest. This is something that could easily sit in the bottom of your closet or at the end of your bed. Some or made or wood, others metal or plastic, and they are deep enough to store a great deal of sports gear. As a special note, make sure that all your gear is properly cleaned, otherwise your storage chest will begin to smell.

Storage Unit

If you are really short on space, you may want to invest in a small storage unit to store your sports equipment. Storage units are affordable, spaciously designed and allow you to store your equipment off-site in a secure location, freeing up space at home.

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