Spring is in the air. It’s time to get the RV out of storage and start getting ready for fun. As you are getting your RV ready for the road, take some time to think about how it is organized and how and where you are storing things.

Space is always an issue in a motor-home, so it takes some creativity to get everything you need to fit – and to be easy to retrieve when you need it. Here’s some Tips to help you improve the way you store things in your home-on-wheels.

Think Outside the Cabinet

Most RVs come with cabinets, drawers, closets and other compartments for storing. Your job is to think about the sides of those things: outside, backside, under, over, etc.

  1. Use hooks on the side of cabinets and shelves to hang everything from flashlights and keys to cooking utensils and cleaning supplies.
  2. Hang baskets and shelves under existing shelves or mount them under cabinets and table tops.
  3. Consider putting pockets or other organizers on the back or sides of chairs. Those same organizers that work in your car can go in the cabin of your RV and be used for storing anything that fits.

Use the Structure

Another way to approach storage creatively is to look at the RV itself. Are there ways you can utilize the walls, doors, and ceiling to make more storage.

  1. Many of those “over the door” organizational systems that you buy for your home can be used in an RV too. For example, use a shoe bag over the bathroom door to organize toiletries.
  2. The inside cabinet and closet doors are a great place for installing hooks and bars for storage.
  3. Affix spice racks, shelving, or pocket storage to the walls in any room to create additional storage.
  4. Suspend kitchen hanging baskets and produce hammocks from the ceiling to store small things throughout your RV.
  5. Think about how you store things from the ceiling of your garage and apply those principles to the RV.

Organize, Organize, Organize

If you prefer to stick with the conventional storage spaces provided by your RV’s design, you can make the most of those spaces by taking advantage of organizers.

  1. Get spacers and trays to organize drawers
  2. Use risers, carousels, and other organizers to make the most of cupboards and pantries.
  3. Make the most of closet organizers
  4. Purchase sturdy, stackable tubs and crates for your RVs storage compartments.
  5. Find collapsible, fold-a-way, and nesting items that conserve space.

One last tip, if you are planning to remodel your RV this year or have the skills, consider installing some new hideaway storage, such as drawers under the bed or pull out compartments under the seating. Any “dead” space is ripe for conversion.

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