Is your kitchen short on storage? It can be tricky to find ways to store everything you need while still maintaining a kitchen that looks sleek and modern. Here are some great, modern storage ideas to eliminate the clutter.

Open Shelving

Instead of installing old-school cabinets, try clean open shelves instead. The primary benefit of open shelving is that it allows you to maximize your wall space because you won’t be adding partitions that eat up storage. You also have the option to customize the shelves so you can store tall glasses or unique items with ease.

Another good reason to use open shelving is that you can fit small shelves into oddly-shaped nooks for extra storage. A spot that’s not large enough for a cabinet might easily be able to accommodate a few short shelves.

Island Storage

Do you have a good amount of empty floor space in your kitchen? Adding an island might be the best storage solution for you. Kitchen islands can be installed as permanent fixtures, or you can buy a rolling island that you can move out of the way when necessary.

One of the benefits of an installed island is that you can customize the shelving and storage compartments. For example, you might include a place to store wine. If you don’t mind a slightly more complicated installation project, you might consider adding an extra sink or even an in-island refrigerator or microwave. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Backsplash Racks

Perhaps you have all the shelves you need but you want to maximize your counter space. One way to do that is to install some metal hooks or a rack on the backsplash behind your stove. A simple metal rack can be used to hang cooking utensils so they are within easy reach when you need them. You can also use the rack to hang things like potholders and oven mitts – anything that you might need to get quickly when you’re standing at the stove.

Incidentally, you can also consider adding racks, hooks, or magnetic strips underneath your counter to store items there.

Corner Drawers

One thing that a lot of kitchens have in common is wasted space – little corners and nooks that aren’t being used to their best advantage. Instead of letting those spaces remain empty, one option is to install corner drawers to use them. The drawers may end up being oddly shaped, but they can still be used to store small items, freeing up space in your cabinets, large drawers, or countertop.

Customized Drawers

Another nice storage option is to install custom drawers to store specific items. For example, you might have a drawer with small compartments and dividers to allow you to store herbs and spices. A special drawer can be used to store knives or to store oddly-shaped dishes and other special items. This is an especially nice choice if you have large dishes or other items that might not fit into a standard drawer or cabinet.

Slide-Out Storage

If you have a small kitchen with limited cabinet space, you might be able to stretch the space you have by adding slide-out storage shelves in your cabinets that don’t already have shelves. Installing brackets and slide-out shelves is relatively easy, and you can double your storage space by adding just a single shelf to each one of your cabinets. Slide-outs can make it easier to find your pots and pans when you need them, and can also be used under the sink to store cleaning products, plastic wrap, and other items that tend to clutter up the kitchen.

The main thing to remember when putting in additional kitchen storage is that you want it to be in keeping with the décor that is already there. A weathered wooden island would be out of place in a modern kitchen, but a sleek stainless steel model can get you the storage you need without disrupting the flow.

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