The Tiny House Movement has been growing over the past few years. TV shows, news reports, and even DIY blueprints are popping up everywhere.  It used to seem unthinkable that a family could live in such a small space. Now tiny apartments are being designed in overcrowded cities and tiny house villages, communities, and even hotels seem to be everywhere.

As you might imagine, finding places to store belongings is a priority when you are living in a few hundred square feet of space.  Most tiny home designs incorporate ingenius storage solutions into the walls, stairs, floor, etc. of the house itself.  Still, residents come up with even more ideas for storing stuff once they move in.

This video walks you through 20 such ideas — in case you’ve ever wondered how people live in such a small space:

For the truly innovative, here’s an idea for storing off-season clothing right in plain sight — and you can use this idea in any storage-deprived home, tiny or not:

What ideas do you have for storage in small living spaces?

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