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You have a full tank of gas and your route is all mapped out, but you’ve exhausted your RV storage ideas — and you still have more to pack. Many people living the RV lifestyle have faced this same conundrum. We put on our creative cap to compile some of the best RV storage ideas that use every square inch of space that’s available to you, including the RV’s exterior. 

Consider the Exterior for More RV Storage Ideas

You’ve implemented many RV storage ideas for the interior…but what about the exterior? The top, sides, and bottom of your RV can reveal a wealth of storage opportunities. Check out these options: 

1. Rear RV Storage

 With motorhomes, you can add a platform off the backend for additional gear. People often use this platform for motorcycles, bikes, barbeque grills, hardware, or other bulky items that are hard to fit inside the RV. Even if you’re towing a car, a hitch extender can provide a little more space (and sometimes, a “little more” could do the trick!).

2. Basement Storage

RV basements are too often overlooked, but they’re a lifesaver when it comes to creating more space. There are plenty of add-ons and tools to keep your RV basement organized and easily accessible, such as a cargo tray which creates a big, pull-out shelf (no more climbing into the corner with a flashlight to find what you’re looking for!). See-through bins with a latch closure can also be useful in RV basements. You can see what’s inside and they’ll stay securely closed, even on the bumpiest roads.

3. Rooftop RV Storage

The roof is an RV storage space that is vastly underappreciated. Additions like waterproof rooftop cargo carriers can offer ample space (we’re talking several square feet) for belongings such as extra bedding or recreational equipment. Put it at the top of your list before hitting the road.

4. Bike Racks

If you’re planning on switching from four wheels to two, bike racks are a must. Just find the kind that works best for you — options include mounts for your hitch, ladder, and bumper. 

Use Every Square Inch

When it comes to RV storage, any nook and cranny represent an opportunity. That means the front and back of doors, under beds, and other furniture could all be places to store your belongings. Don’t underestimate the power of shelving and hooks, even installed in unexpected places, such as around the perimeter of your RV’s ceiling, above the showerhead, or on the backs of cabinets. 

Another space to keep in mind is the aisle that goes down the middle of your RV. When not in use, you can use this floor space for storing items such as folding camp chairs or tables, beach umbrellas, or recreational equipment (like skis or hiking poles) — essentially, anything that’s narrow enough to fit.  While on the road, don’t let junk mount up.  The best way to do this is to stay alert to places to donate or recycle items that you no longer need. 

Don’t Forget About Your Tow Vehicle

The truck or SUV pulling your RV provides additional storage. And, of course, you’ll want to keep cold beverages and snacks close on hand! Just keep in mind: you won’t want to pack the interior of your car so tightly that you don’t have any room to stretch out. For additional space, you might consider installing a rooftop cargo carrier for your tow vehicle. 

If you’re traveling with pets, you’ll need to have a designated space for them to ride along safely. It’s never safe to keep pets in a fifth wheel or a travel trailer while the vehicle is in motion. In those cases, keep them in the tow vehicle with you. Motorhomes are a different story, but some animals may be nervous at first. Create a cozy space for them to relax or set up a crate; with some practice, they’ll be just as excited as you to hit the road. 

Beyond RV Storage Ideas: Self-Storage Units for Every Lifestyle

One of the primary reasons people embrace life on the road is freedom — but toting around too much stuff can hold you back. In fact, RVs can only carry so much according to their Gross Vehicle Rating, which is the maximum total weight allowed for the RV alongside everything in it, including water and waste. Perhaps the best RV storage idea is finding a self-storage unit to keep your belongings safe while you’re out making memories. 

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