Storage West Bell Rd is located in Phoenix, Arizona. This is just one of the many facilities Storage West operates across the Southwest. At Storage West we feel it’s important to really take pride in the communities that we live in. That’s why we encourage our managers to really be active in the community and find out about things that are going on like the Mega Market Event in Phoenix.

Our managers represent Storage West at lots of functions in their areas and makes sure to stay knowledgeable about what’s happening in their towns. If you stop in the office the manager there is likely to talk with you not just about your storage needs but also just about what’s happening in the area. We post about lots of the events we learn about on Facebook or Twitter. For example, on the Bell Rd. Facebook page they posted about an ongoing Farmer’s Market that’s located near the store.

Mega Market Event

Every third Saturday there’s a Farmers Market called the “Mega Market Event” at the Unity of Phoenix Church right on the corner of Bell Rd. and 16th St. This artisan market is big and they offer a lot of affordable options. There are also musicians that perform at the market too!

These are the kinds of events that we like to share about. Do you know of anything else going on in a Storage West community area? Share with us! We think all of our neighborhoods are special and unique and we love hearing about what they have to offer. Check out all of our storage locations around the Phoenix metro area.

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