March means basketball for many and spring cleaning for others. However, it also means Daylight Saving Time, warmer temperatures, and the urge to spend time outdoors for practically everyone. Whether you’re someone who loves to garden, counting the days until its warm enough to lounge by the backyard pool, or just waiting to stoke up the grill, it is time to start thinking about outdoor storage of the things that go along with those activities.

Outdoor Needs

When it comes to determining what you need to store outside, your needs will be different than your neighbors’. Size of yard, landscaping, and use all figure into the equation. Someone with an in ground pool and patio has different storage needs than someone with vegetable or flower gardens. Playground equipment for the kids, exercise or sporting equipment, even the type of landscaping will all require different types of storage.

Here are some of the things people commonly store outdoors:

  • lawn care equipment — mower, rakes, clippers, hedge trimmers, hose, sprinklers
  • gardening equipment — pots, soil, gardening gloves, hoes, shovels
  • backyard entertaining supplies — charcoal or propane for the grill, grill cleaners, cups & utensils, sound system
  • pool care — pool chemicals, skimmers and brushes, floatation devices, pool toys, towels
  • exercise/sporting — volleyball/badminton net, golf tees & balls for putting, yoga mats, soccer balls, footballs

Storage Options

The obvious solution for many of these items is an outdoor shed or section of the garage, but there are many other options available.

  1. Benches with built-in storage are a great dual purpose way to store stuff outside. If you can’t find one that suits your needs you can easily build one using a how to article or video as a guide.
  2. Cabinets and shelving come in all sorts of sizes, colors and configurations. Make sure they are suitable for outdoor use and then use a weatherproofing stain or sealer for extra protection.
  3. Hanging storage is another option. Attaching racks and hooks to the side of the house or garage will give you a neat and tidy way to store all sorts of equipment like hoses and rakes.
  4. Buckets/caddies and tubs are great for grouping small supplies together. A gardening caddy can hold everything you need and can be stashed easily under a patio chair or bench. Put all your BBQ supplies into tubs that stack next to the grill.
  5. The final suggestion is to be creative. As you’re wandering through the garden or seasonal section of your favorite store imagine how you’ll store the things you buy. Watch for yard sales in your area or head to thrift stores to find old furniture that can be repurposed into outdoor storage, or just stroll through the home or storage store and think outside the box. That hamper system isn’t just for laundry, you can use it to separate your kids’ pool toys or sports equipment, for example.

Take the time now to figure out where you’re going to store everything and you’ll have time to enjoy the outdoors all spring and summer, instead of wondering why there’s so much stuff cluttering up your yard.

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