Here is a nice video featuring storage ideas to help keep your kids clothes organized. This is not always an easy task as any parent will tell you!  This is especially true during the holiday season when new items of clothing enter the house and extra space has to be found.

Organize Your Kids’ Clothes – Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Sylvia Daoust, ower of Niche Designs, Inc. Today we’re talking about how to manage your kids’ clothes, some storage solutions for those clothes, and how to, uh, make it a little bit less stressful in the morning before school in terms of what they’re going to choose to wear.

This, uh, sweater organizer, um, I think it was maybe bought in one of the hardware stores, but you can find just about any of these in any store. Um, I like… I made my own, but I know there’s some available out there for purchase if you Google them online. But I’ve got Monday to Friday on each pocket. The weekend before school starts we choose the outfits that my daughter is going to wear, from the jeans, t-shirt, right down to the underwear, so that every morning she just goes in her pocket, pulls it out, and puts it on without any discussion – which is really golden when you’ve got kids, trying to get them going in the morning.

So, a sweater organizer like this – you don’t have to use them for the days of the week. You can manage this any way you want. You can make your labels for shoes, slippers, undies… just to give yourself a little more storage for those small things that get lost in the mass of large dresser drawers.

Another solution that you can try is to use, uh, a drawer unit like this. It’s meant for toys. Uh, I’ve had this one since my son was three, and he’s now ten. This was really helpful because he didn’t have a traditional dresser. We just didn’t have the room in his, uh, his bedroom. So this fit inside his closet and um, we just labeled… um, each drawer was labeled with the specific clothes from pj’s, underwear, t-shirts, and then some larger bins at the bottom for hoodies and sweaters.

Um, this here is a very inexpensive solution from IKEA, uh, for clothing, and you can label it in any way you want, and have your child help you label as well, that makes it more fun for them to use.

The last solution I have is how to manage those clothes in between. So if you’ve got multiple children and you’re waiting to pass down clothes and you don’t know where to store them because bedrooms nowadays are just very small – um, under the bed is some premium storage space, as is above the top shelf of the closet.

An under-the-bed roll-out bin like this is really a great way to throw in the clothes as you’re waiting for the next child to get into them. And my, my… I stress that you do label the fronts of them so you know what to find when you need it.

And, um, also… a storage bin like this – not only can you use it for those in-between clothes as they’re growing out and growing into, but you can also use a bin like this under the bed for seasonal clothes. So if you don’t have enough space to store both seasons in those dresser drawers or in the closet, throw in the shorts and t-shirts and bathing suits in the winter, put them under the bed, and then rotate it as the next season comes on.

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