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Moving is a challenge at any time of year, but is one time of year better than another for transitioning to a new home? There are arguments to be made for any season but moving in the fall has some distinct advantages.

With that in mind, here’s our take on the pros and cons of moving in the fall.

The Pros of Moving in the Fall

Moving in the fall is different from moving at any other time of year. There are some great things about moving in the autumn and they illustrate why we think the fall may be the perfect time for your move.

Fall Weather is Temperate

The first big pro of moving in the fall is that the weather is typically cooler than it is during the summer months. Even if you hire movers, moving in the heat and humidity of summer can be difficult and exhausting. Fall’s cooler weather means that it won’t be as taxing to move heavy items – or to make multiple trips to and from the moving truck.

Homes Are Affordable in the Fall

The peak home-buying season in the United States occurs during the summer. By the time fall rolls around and the kids are back at school, the market has leveled out. There are fewer homes listed and prices tend to be a little lower than they are in the summer. For you, that means that you may be able to take your pick of available homes – and pay less than you would at other times of year.

A Fall Move Won’t Interfere with the Holidays

Preparing for the holidays can be hectic and stressful. Moving during the fall months gives you time to unpack and get settled into your new home well before the holiday hubbub arrives. Even if you move as late as November, you’ll still be in good shape for the festivities.

The Cons of Moving in the Fall

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention some of the downsides of moving in the fall. We think they’re relatively minor, but for some people, they may make a fall move less than desirable.

Fall Moves May Interfere with School

The first potential downside of a fall move only applies if you’ve got children who are still in school. Some parents prefer not to uproot their kids in the middle of a school year. That’s why so many families move during the summer. If creating stability for your kids is a concern, then moving in the fall may not make sense for your family.

Fall Weather is Unpredictable

While autumn weather is cooler than summer weather, in some parts of the country the weather may be a concern during the fall months. For example, in New England it can snow as early as October and in the Northwest, rain can cause problems during your move. It’s important to take the weather into consideration when planning your move.

 Is Moving in the Fall a Good Idea?

We think that moving in the fall can work for most people. There’s less competition for moving resources, including supplies and truck rentals, than there is at busier times of year. The cool weather can make your move less daunting and if you time it right, you can be settled into your new home before the holidays.

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