As real estate markets across the country continue to pick up, more people are thinking about putting their home on the market. The big question is whether or not they can get a top price for their effort.  Enter home staging.

A mere decade ago few people understood the value of staging a home in garnering better offers.  They understood a home needed to be cleaned and maybe something baking in the oven to make it feel like “home,” but there wasn’t an entire industry devoted to improving the look of a house or condo, let alone teaching home owners how to do it themselves.

Now there are thousands upon thousands of articles, magazines, and, yes, videos, giving you tips on how to stage your home for sale.

Start with a key feature of the home: the bedroom.  Here are a few tips for staging a small or guest bedroom before an open house or other viewing.

Next up, the kitchen.  Here are tips for minor remodeling projects as well as cleaning and staging tricks that will make your old kitchen look brand new.

Lastly, you’ll need some generic but attractive artwork to replace all those family photos and candid snapshots on your walls and shelves.  Here’s how you can make some quick art to give your home a little bit of pop.

What tricks and tips do you have for those looking to stage their home quickly and inexpensively?

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