What do you get for the person who has everything? Or, perhaps more accurately, what could you get for the person who has more belongings than they do living space?

If you’ve never considered giving storage space as a gift, this might be the year to start thinking about it. While it’s not a traditional gift, it could be the best and most useful present the recipient gets this year. Here’s why.

Holiday Gifts Add to the Storage Burden

We all love getting gifts at the holidays, but that doesn’t mean we have the storage space for them. Getting new things doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re ready to clear out old belongings at the same time.

Giving storage space can help the recipient make way for new belongings. Instead of feeling that their home is cluttered, they can declutter and destress thanks to you.

Vehicles Need Storage Too

If you know someone who’s a car aficionado, then the gift of a storage unit can help them keep one of their automobiles clean and ready to drive when they’re not using it.

The same may be true of people who own motorcycles, boats, and RVs. These vehicles need to be stored properly to stay in good working condition. A storage unit would be the perfect gift for someone who has more vehicles than they do garage space.

Hobbyists Often Need Extra Space

The person on your list who is an avid hobbyist, whether their interest is in fishing, painting, or gardening, may find that they lack the space they need to store the things associated with their hobby.

It’s not uncommon for a painter, for example, to have piles of canvases, extra easels, paints, and tools such as palette knives and brushes. It can be hard to find space for these things in an already-crowded home. Giving that person a storage unit as a gift will enable them to keep those items without cluttering up their living space.

It’s a Year-Round Gift

When you pre-pay for a storage space for someone you love, it’s a gift they’ll be reminded of all year – not something they’ll unwrap and forget. Every time they visit their storage space they’ll think of your thoughtfulness.

It’s a cliché to say, “it’s a gift that keeps on giving,” but in this case, it happens to be true. To someone who really needs it, a storage unit is the kind of useful gift that recipients appreciate deeply.

Take the Guesswork Out of Shopping

If you’re a person who dreads heading to the mall at the holidays, renting a storage unit for someone is a stress-free, no-hassle kind of shopping. You can rent a space online or do it over the phone – all without leaving your home.

And, if the recipient loves the gift you’ve given them, you can renew the gift next year, and for as long as you want to. It’s the kind of no-fuss gift that’s truly thoughtful without placing a burden on you.

Give Storage Space as a Gift

Instead of scratching your head trying to figure out what to give your loved one this holiday season, try giving the gift of storage space. They’ll be grateful – and you’ll be done with your shopping before you know it!

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